About the Books, Part 1

I’ve mentioned on my “about” page that I’m currently working on two books.  One is my long term project and, in a way, the centerpiece of my spiritual life at the moment.  The other is likely to be finished much more quickly and is an offshoot of the other project.  Since they (and the books likely to follow them) are the whole driving force behind this blog, I figured it would be a good idea to devote some posts to talking about how they’re coming along and why I’m writing them in the first place.

The first book (as yet untitled, though I’ve got a few preliminary ideas) is a thing I’m doing more for the process than the product.  Though I don’t believe in supernatural forces or deities which exist beyond our reality, I do still feel a pull to have some kind of Truth, some foundational concept which informs a meaningful personal practice.  But I have not and feel fairly certain that I will not find those things in an existing religion or spiritual path.  

So I’m searching for it in the history of mankind.  Inspired by attempts to map out a tree of world religions, I’m going back to the beginning of human civilization and, looking to archeology, anthropology, and history as guides, attempting to figure out for myself why I feel this seemingly irrational need to formulate a spiritual life despite my beliefs.  I want to figure out what, of all the spiritual ideas we’ve come up with as humans, truly resonates with our very humanity.  

Essentially, I’m undertaking a long research project which, as a byproduct, will produce at least one book which will document the research and the conclusions.  

As for the book, it’s shaping up to be both a summary of evidence and thought on the purpose of our spirituality and how we became the spiritual beings we are as well as a map for building one’s own personal spiritual practice.  

I’m doing this because not only do I want to find the answers for myself, but because I think I’m not alone.  I think there are others out there who want a spiritual life which means something and is relevant to their experience but don’t know exactly what that spiritual life would look like.  

I am not, however, looking to create a religion of my own.

I want the book to get people thinking and then get them to create their own personal path, their own religion, as it were.  I want to boil down our spiritual past to figure out what we need and why we need it.  

Work on this book is slow going, and completion is a long way off.  Still, I would welcome any questions about it, and I will certainly be posting updates as the book develops.

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