About the Books, Part 2

I’ve talked about my primary book project (two chapters written at this point, and I’m now in a research phase more than a writing phase), but I didn’t touch last time on the second project.  It’s smaller, and will definitely be done first.  In fact, the goal is to have it published by the end of this year.  

While I’m researching the spiritual history of mankind and waxing philosophical on what this history means for modern spiritual seekers, I’m also putting together a companion book.  Also not yet titled (ideas have surfaced, but so far most have been quite silly), it’s a collection of what I would call devotionals for the spiritually unsettled.

For those who grew up in different religious cultures than I did, a devotional is a short written piece which (in the Christian tradition) usually includes a bible verse, some exposition on what that verse means for daily life, often an illustrative story or anecdote, and a prompt for thought and prayer.  Essentially, it’s supposed to give one a bit of spiritual inspiration to ponder and pray on in order to further develop one’s faith.

Of course, I don’t really have a faith, per se.  And I don’t pray.  And I’m not really interested in bible verses.  But the idea behind a devotional is, I think, a good one.  It’s intended to prompt daily focus and development, and does so in a simple, manageable way.  As elements of personal practice go, it’s one I think most anyone can find a way to work into their lives.

The ones in this first installment raise questions regarding the purpose of spirituality in your life and how it fits with who you are and who you want to be.  They consist of short fictional anecdotes to illustrate the ideas, with a bit of exposition on why it’s relevant to one’s spiritual life and a few questions to inspire thought or to use as journal prompts.  The intent is not to guide anyone towards a specific spiritual path, but to ask questions which can help a person become more clear about what they want and need from their spiritual life.

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