“In The End, We Only Regret the Chances We Didn’t Take”

Sure, most of us could use a bit of encouragement to do those things which, though scary, hold the potential for great reward.  Growth only comes when we step outside our comfort zone.

But what about all those other chances we take?  The ones where we know there could be disastrous consequences but we take the leap anyway.  

And what about times when we choose one path over another and it doesn’t lead where we hoped it would?  

Or those chances we take which force us to turn away from parts of our lives we later wish we hadn’t neglected?

It’s not that we regret the chances we didn’t take.  We regret all the ways our choices didn’t result in the life we hoped we were building.  Sometimes, yes, that means we regret not acting, not risking, not doing.  But it also, maybe to a greater extent, means we are prone to looking back on the things we hoped would be different in our lives and tracing back to the decision which put things in motion, and in the end blaming our choice, our decision, for the outcome.

Sometimes we make good decisions which turn out bad.  Sometimes we make bad decisions which turn out okay.  And in the end, isn’t the important part that we always learn and try to do better the next time we must make a similar decision?


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