Month: June 2016


When We Were Bullied As Kids, What Did We Want Done About It?

I maintain there’s not a person on this earth who hasn’t been bullied at one time or another.  I certainly experienced my share when I was younger, and unfortunately some of that came at the hands of adults.  In one case, my mother intervened and requested a conference with the bullying teacher, and it actually […]


I Am Who I Strive to Be

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this phenomenon where we have started putting labels on our qualities — good and bad — and declaring that these things are parts of our identities to which others must adjust in the interest of “accepting us for how we really are”.  I’m all for accepting everyone as […]


Your Hands Are Not So Clean

  Everyone on this earth who professes some kind of spiritual belief thinks that they are right.   Everyone. Nobody, therefore, gets to use their own personal conviction to justify their position to others. It doesn’t matter one tiny bit how right you think you are.   The value of your beliefs lies in the […]

Think About...

Think about the life you dreamed of when you were a child.  How different is it from the life you have now?  What changed to make you want something different?  What didn’t you know then that you know now?  If you could have the life you wanted as a child, would you trade your current […]

About the Books

About the Books, Part 5

One of the reasons I’m turning my own spiritual quest — my research and thought on the history of religion and its purpose for humanity — into a book is that I find so few books which provide useful content for my personal journey.  There are a zillion books written by those who think they […]