About the Books, Part 5

One of the reasons I’m turning my own spiritual quest — my research and thought on the history of religion and its purpose for humanity — into a book is that I find so few books which provide useful content for my personal journey.  There are a zillion books written by those who think they have the perfect spiritual path figured out and are ready to lead others in their own footsteps so they reach the same conclusions and destinations.  There are plenty of books which are resources and inspiration for people who already have a path picked out or are curious about specific religions and traditions.  But there is very little out there for those who know more about what they don’t want from their spiritual tradition than they know about what they do want.  

And there is even less out there for those who want a meaningful spiritual life but who don’t believe in a god or supernatural forces.  

My hope is that my books help fill that void a little bit.  I think spirituality is a mindset which can be found separate from religion.  And if there is any one conclusion I want to lead people to, it’s the mindset itself, the idea that spirituality is about developing your spirit and elevating the state of your soul so you can connect with those parts of life you want to connect with.  That’s it, and if we all develop our souls in different ways and connect with different aspects of existence, all the better.  

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