Month: September 2016

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Irreversible Changes

A few days ago I posted about death and the afterlife, but mostly about how it shouldn’t really be the thing which preoccupies our spiritual thoughts.  Spending one’s life focused on what happens after it’s over is like not fully focusing on school because you’re focused on what your job will be like when you […]


In the End

Not too long ago, I was having a discussion with a coworker wherein the conversation led to me mentioning my book and blog.  I had not previously realized that this coworker was a devout Christian, and apparently it had never crossed his mind that I was not.  When I said that I was an atheist, […]


I Used To Believe…

I used to believe that the reason I had troubles feeling like I belonged, feeling accepted by others, was because the world was flawed and people were too judgmental. This presumed first of all that I had no impact at all in how others reacted to me, that my view of my interactions with others […]

Everyday Rituals

Give Of Yourself

I’m not the most tidy person of all time, but I do believe there is something especially valuable in the ritual of cleaning and decluttering.  I’m not just talking about routine chores like washing dishes or mopping floors, but the deep Spring Clean or complete overhaul of a storage system.  Even someone like me who, […]

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It’s About What We Do, Not Who We Are

After my post a while back on bullying, I found this excellent blog post  on the topic which I think makes a lot of parallel observations which have broader application.   First, I agree that the world isn’t divided up between “bullies” and “victims”.  Being a bully isn’t a matter of identity.  Neither is being […]