Word Counts and Deadlines

The problem with a book project like my devotional one is that, when you’re compiling a large set of small writings into a book, how do you know how long to make it?  I don’t have enough to make it a daily-for-a-year kind of thing, but I’ve got more than 52, so it shouldn’t be one per week.  In between is 100, which is a nice sounding and round number which looks good in a title, but then I’d have to pare the whole project down.  Is 150 a strange number to use?


I’m probably overthinking it.  


Right now I’m sitting at about 42 completed devotional pages, but I have notes for about 190.  I haven’t, however, gotten to spend the focused time I would like to on it, and I still have a goal of getting the whole thing written by the end of 2016, but not published until 2017.  


The other book — my magnum opus, as it were — has been sitting at two chapters for quite a while now.  I’d give a word count but I don’t really want to know, myself.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s a project that will take years.  It’s the journey that’s important there, anyway.  
I am, however, newly finished with my master’s degree, so now I’ll theoretically have the time I’ve been devoting to school available to devote to writing.  I’m very much looking forward to perhaps even getting the opportunity to get out of the house and write in different environments since there will still be another student in the house I should make some attempt not to disturb during her study time.  It’s either that or take a yoga class on nights when she has assignments to do.  I’ve not yet decided.

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