Month: December 2016


Free To Be You And Me?

We’ve struggled more and more as a culture, recently, with this idea of freedom.  Specifically, we seem to be exceedingly tripped up over the question of how we can give freedom to some without imposing restrictions on others.  If I give my neighbor freedom to blast her stereo all night long, I give up my […]


Maybe Sunday School Would Be Better If It Were Actually School

I see a lot of stuff posted on social media about what’s wrong with the doctrines or teachings of various religions and how those tenets contribute to the harmful actions of their followers.  But there is very little thought given after that to what religions should be teaching through their doctrines.   Many religions teach […]

About the Books

What I get out of the process of writing

There are times when I find myself explaining my writing projects to others and, in the back of my mind, I hear this little voice questioning if anyone out there is even interested in what I have to say.  Are my thoughts relevant to anyone else?     In the end, though, I have to […]

Everyday Rituals

Elixir and Ambrosia

Back when my wife and I considered ourselves practicing witches, we used to follow our private ritual circles with the traditional cakes and ale, or in our case pre-packaged snack cakes and tea.  Traditional or not, the idea was to ground ourselves after the ritual experience and to take time to share food and conversation […]

Elsewhere on Wordpress

Do Unto Others and Really Mean It

I posted a few days ago about the Golden Rule and how, despite its prevalence in a wide variety of religions and philosophies, humanity seems to struggle mightily with actually living it.  I found a blog which did a 30-day series of posts highlighting the various versions.  Some focus on the aspect of not harming […]


The Golden Rule Revisited

Despite the fact that so many religions include it, the Golden Rule is apparently a difficult concept for humans.  It’s a simple concept, but proper execution requires one to understand that it is to be applied across the board, not just to those you care about.  It means being honest about the things we do […]


Return on Investment

Everything we do in life involves an investment.  Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s time, sometimes it’s just emotional and physical energy.  Sometimes it’s a sacrifice of other things we give up in order to do something else.  We don’t often think about how much of the intangibles we put into the things we choose to […]