The Golden Rule Revisited

Despite the fact that so many religions include it, the Golden Rule is apparently a difficult concept for humans.  It’s a simple concept, but proper execution requires one to understand that it is to be applied across the board, not just to those you care about.  It means being honest about the things we do and say, actually realizing when we’re treating others in ways we would hate to be treated ourselves.  

What if, every time we asked someone for their time, their sympathy, their agreement, their resources, we committed to giving the same to someone else?

What if, every time we found ourselves laughing at someone else or judging someone, we committed to sitting down and making a list of all the things we’ve ever heard someone laugh at or judge us for?

What if, every time we complained about something wrong with the world around us, we committed to changing something about our own life?

What if, every time we preached at someone, we committed to sitting and truly listening to someone else’s sermon?

Would the idea be clearer then?  


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