What I get out of the process of writing

There are times when I find myself explaining my writing projects to others and, in the back of my mind, I hear this little voice questioning if anyone out there is even interested in what I have to say.  Are my thoughts relevant to anyone else?  


In the end, though, I have to tell myself that’s not the point and just keep writing.  It’s more about getting something out of it for myself during the writing part of the process, and once that’s done there’s no reason not to release it to the wild, as it were.  Once I’ve gotten what I can out of the research and thinking and organizing of thoughts and articulating of ideas, the product of all that mental activity should be given a chance to live a life of its own.


What I hope others get out of my writing and what I get out of it myself are two different things entirely.  Contrary to what many may think, my mission isn’t to get others to believe the way I believe.  I don’t intend to start a new religion or whatnot.  I just want people to actually think about their spirituality, to really think about what it says and what it says about them, what it guides them to do with their lives and their thoughts, how it asks them to interact with others.  I want to combat spiritual tunnel-vision.  


But for myself, I write to work through my thoughts, to arrive at some kind of stable foundation of thinking and expression of those thoughts.  It’s research and journaling, worship and ritual, a spiritual way of life in and of itself.  If dumping the spiritual blinders leads others to embark on a similar journey, to write and think and share with others, then I will have succeeded beyond my expectations.

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