Art and Science

I’ve mentioned before that I think our spirits and souls are two different things, that our spirit is the part of us which is active and interactive, communicating with the universe around us.  It is the part of us which is thinking, curious, creative, interpretive, and logical.  In this sense, spirituality is the active part of our existence.

In my eyes, therefore, art and creativity is naturally part of spirituality.  That is, of course, not a revolutionary idea by any means.  Art and religion have long walked hand in hand, and many believe that the earliest archeological examples of artistic expression mark the rise of abstract thought and, therefore, spiritual thinking.  

But what of science?  What of the process of investigating not our inner selves but our outer selves and the world in which we exist?  By my logic, the connection between spirituality and scientific investigation is just as strong and natural as the connection between spirituality and art.   Solving the mysteries of the universe is very much the realm of our spiritual selves.

So what, then, is the connection between art and science?  We so often see them as opposites or contrasting concepts, creative versus logical.  But in essence they are simply two different approaches to exploring the world around us.  Perhaps one seeks ideas and one seeks to express them.  Perhaps one is an attempt to find answers and one to find inspiration.  But they are closely related as spiritual activities, the pastimes our spiritual selves get up to as part of our daily lives.

In a sense, I think becoming a more spiritually focused person is an attempt to spend more time at art and science and less time on activities which do not engage our active selves.

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