From the Book: “I am a small part of something big”

I selected the phrases for my coloring book to say what I thought might be most important to others within the activist community.  But because the coloring book simply has the coloring pages without commentary, I thought I might use this venue to elaborate a bit on why I chose to include what I did.

“I am a small part of something big.”

We usually have grand visions when we undertake philanthropic endeavors or activism.  We want to change the world.  We want to solve problems much larger than us.  We want to make a difference.

The reality of the goal and the struggle to get there, however, all too often makes us feel powerless, ineffective, and insignificant.  No matter how much we do, how much we contribute, there is always more to be done.  What we can give alone is never enough.  In fact, what we can give as part of a larger group is very rarely enough.

But we can also look back and see how other people like us have actually caused positive change.  Their actions become part of our historical narrative.  We hold some of them up as heroes.

The truth is that they, too, were merely small parts of something much bigger.  Their small acts, continued over time and beside like-minded allies, changed the course of cultural development.  And they, too, wondered if their visions would ever become reality.

In a very real way, every new movement or mission is a continuation of a larger movement: the constant evolution of humanity.  It is as important as it’s ever been for each of us to do what we can, to do what we feel compelled and called to do, as a part of humanity’s march of progress.  Even if we cannot see, in this moment, how things will turn out, we have to remind ourselves that even small contributions make a difference eventually.

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