From the Book: “I am not alone”

I selected the phrases for my coloring book to say what I thought might be most important to others within the activist community.  But because the coloring book simply has the coloring pages without commentary, I thought I might use this venue to elaborate a bit on why I chose to include what I did.

“I am not alone.”

Focusing on the need, the injustice, the broken bits in the world around us can be isolating.  It can be too easy to begin to feel that the people around you are part of problem, part of the threat.  Even worse, when the work gets hard and the numbers of volunteers and activists dwindle, when the results aren’t immediate, feeling alone is natural.

But it’s never true.  There are always allies, even if they can’t stand beside you.  There are always other fighters, even if they aren’t in the same trench as you.

Part of self-care as an activist is to keep reaching out, to keep in contact with those who are your own allies and supporters, those who are doing the same work you’re doing and can understand the difficulties.

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