From the Book: “Spread Kindness”

I selected the phrases for my coloring book to say what I thought might be most important to others within the activist community.  But because the coloring book simply has the coloring pages without commentary, I thought I might use this venue to elaborate a bit on why I chose to include what I did.

“Spread Kindness.”

While I don’t think it’s the ultimate strategy for success, kindness has to be the backbone of any effort to produce positive change in the world.  No matter what we seek to accomplish, we should do so in a spirit of kindness.

This doesn’t mean everything is free hugs and paying it forward.  Those things are good, but those things won’t stop oppression and hatred, they won’t cure the sick, and they won’t feed the hungry.  But the things we do to further our causes should always be done in a way which promotes and teaches kindness.

Find the people who need kindness most, and bring them kindness.

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