Tempting the Threat

As humans, we’re hard wired to avoid being vulnerable.  It makes sense to avoid known dangers, to refrain from putting our lives on the line when we can choose safety, as long as we’re balancing the obvious benefit of life or security over the obvious threat of harm.  So we do what we can to be safe and secure, requiring others to demonstrate that they won’t betray that safety before trusting them and allowing ourselves any vulnerability.

But much of the safety we think we’re building for ourselves is an illusion at best, and most of the things we perceive as threats are barely worth building defenses against.

And, more importantly, sometimes remaining safe isn’t as beneficial as we want to believe when compared to the benefit of vanquishing the threat altogether.

Refusing to be vulnerable means we never increase our safe zone.  It means we accept a lifetime of restriction within our self-imposed fortress.  It means the threat never goes away.  Ever.  The biggest threats to the world we live in cannot simply be waited out.  They won’t go away.

They must be fought.


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