For the Good of Humanity

The fifth element common to religions is a set of rules or ethics.  This, I believe, is where activism is really superior to traditional religion, in that what is right and important forms both the ethical core of a movement and it’s end goal.  Usually, too, this approach produces a code of ethics born of observation and agreement rather than handed down from a deity.

That doesn’t mean every movement has it’s ethical heart in the right place, but I think the track record for progressive activism has actually hit the mark more times than religion has.

Even more importantly, activism tends to focus on what’s the right way to treat others rather than the right way to behave for one’s own benefit.

If the current state of things gets more of us focused on how to best benefit humanity as a whole rather than worrying mostly about our own interests, our own selves, then surely our activism will have done more to advance human ethics and morality than millennia of traditional religion.

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