A Feminist Tarot: The Lovers

If we’re going to talk about love and related topics from a feminist standpoint, one of the things I definitely would NOT do is fall back on biblical heterosexual images of love pairings as useful symbols.  I think it’s especially important to ditch the Adam and Eve motif here considering that the meaning of the card isn’t really about romantic love as much as it’s about completion.

And I have a real big problem with imagery which calls to mind the idea that a divine being has picked out a “mate” for us who is, among other more biology-related functions, supposed to make us feel “complete”.

I see this card as having more to do with discovering connections to inner passions or finding pieces of ourselves which produce those feelings of completion.  This card isn’t about falling in love with a person, it’s about finding fulfillment through a passionate connection to something in your life.  To rely on traditional images of romantic coupling or divinely destined love strips the fullness from the interpretation as much as it paints a misogynistic image of reality.

After all, Eve wasn’t just a mate to Adam, she was made from part of him.  She never had any identity other than as that “completion” for him.

So out with all that, and in with imagery which avoids all those trappings of misogyny.  First of all, in a deck filled only with female figures, if we are to represent the idea with a couple it should be two females.  But beyond switching out a heterosexual couple for a homosexual one, I think it’s more clear to the meaning of the card itself for the figures to be two iterations of the same soul.  The image isn’t romantic love, then, it’s a woman finding that version of herself she had not fully realized existed before, and letting that side of herself lead the way forward rather than following the path she’d previously walked.

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