A Feminist Tarot: The Chariot

I’m always pretty stoked when this card comes up in my deck, and in a lot of ways it speaks to the struggle for gender equality.  The Chariot is about taking different sides of something, forces with different agendas, independent pieces with their own purposes and directions, and steering them together to make progress.

This is especially relevant when it comes to understanding intersectional feminism and the work which must be done to move forward for the good of ALL women, not just some.

The important part of this card doesn’t rest on the figure driving the chariot.  The important part is that both horses, a depiction of opposites, are moving together to pull the chariot along.  No part is missing, and the horses have not been freed to avoid the struggle of making them pull together.  The answer here is not to lighten the load or let the stubborn horse go free.  Success means achieving control in unity.  Struggles must be overcome to move forward, they cannot be shoved aside or ignored.  And that comes through hard work and struggle.

Just like all women must find a way to support all women to move towards equality.  We cannot push aside or ignore the struggles of women who we feel are not like us.  We have to all be in this together.

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