A Feminist Tarot: The Tower

I was recently having a discussion with a group of feminist women where we were talking about how so many women younger than us seemed to have trouble finding relevance in feminist ideas.  The reaction against the Women’s March, against the label of feminist, against the very idea that there is more to win and fight for, was something we all found troubling.

On the other hand, many of us in the Gen-X bracket also had stories about how we, too, had once considered feminism as a historical movement which had lost its relevance.  We had access to education and employment, the doors seemed open to us all around, and all we had to do was take advantage of the gains won by the women who came before us.

And then we all had Tower moments.

This card is about false structures collapsing to reveal truth.  It’s about devastating and violent change which shows us that things are not as they seem, and horrifyingly so.  This card marks those times when our world crashes down around us, but leaves us seeing reality so much more clearly.

And all of us had those moments when we came up hard against a glass ceiling, against the systems of oppression which had made themselves harder to see and more covert in their machinations, but so very much not diminished.  And we all knew that it was those moments which transformed us into feminists, into activists.  Until we saw reality without its shiny facade of pretend equality, we failed to see the limits put on our existence.

So while many find this card and this concept scary, it’s a card I don’t mind seeing in the deck.  If I am being deceived, I would rather endure the destruction of that deception and come out the other side with more wisdom and more motivation than continue to pretend things are okay.  And while I don’t wish struggle and suffering and upheaval on others, I certainly hope for more people to see through the illusion and realize how much we still have to fight for.

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