A Feminist Tarot: The Star

This is one of those beautiful but esoteric depictions in the tarot deck, and one which further uses feminine imagery in a way which no longer really speaks to us as women. But the meaning of the card is important and extremely relevant to feminism as a movement:

Good things are on the way, in the future, if you continue to work towards them.

Especially in times like this when the fight is constant and progress is often hard to come by, the reassurance that there is help and success somewhere on the road ahead if we just keep putting one foot in front of the other is both needed and unappreciated.

What it mostly brings to mind for me is the time I spent marathon training.  I’d never been an athlete, much less a runner, and I’d honestly not been much of one for following recommended systems and programs.  But as a personal quest to prove to myself that I could choose such discipline and finish something I started, I began running.

Progress was hard to see at times.  The process was long.  My workouts were difficult.  I didn’t always meet goals or complete everything on my training schedule.  I had to give up social engagements because of training obligations.  I doubted whether I’d finish in the allotted time.  I got sunburns and blisters and muscle cramps and terrible chafing.

But I also had days when suddenly the struggle gave way to surprising success.  I did things I didn’t think I was capable of.  Hard things got easier.  And eventually, I crossed the finish line and got my medal.  And I got there because I just kept focusing on the future and the possibility of success.

This fight is long and probably won’t be completed in our lifetimes, but history – like this card – tells us that if we keep pushing we’ll get somewhere better than where we are now.

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