A Feminist Tarot: The Moon

From a feminist perspective, this card provokes a rather defensive reaction from me.  After all, it’s this idea of the irrational, moody, emotional female which has been used to restrict and oppress women over the course of centuries.  The image of the uncontrollable insane genius is considered fascinating in men, dangerous in women.

This card speaks to every quality which has been used over history to paint women as unstable, uncontrollable, untrustworthy, and tragically dangerous.

But history also shows us the value in reclaiming such negative stereotypes and twisting them to strength.  And this card, like emotions and visions and things not rational, isn’t any more negative than it is positive.  Because the problem isn’t that these qualities are bad in women and good in men, the problem is that they are PERCEIVED to be bad in women and good in men.



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