A Feminist Tarot: The Sun

Where the Wheel of Fortune was luck, the Sun is good fortune.  Where the Star spoke of long-term success in the future, the Sun is short-term success today.  When I talked about the Tower and those moments of revelatory devastation leading to motivational clarity, the Sun is the day before that moment when everything seemed great.

The Sun is optimism and a feeling of being shiny and new.  Optimism is great, and renewal is important, but too often our culture sells women the benefits of sparkling optimism while it sells men the advantages of achievement.  We’re told that if we aren’t happy with what we have, then we simply aren’t fully believing in ourselves and we’re holding ourselves back.  It’s a really nice way of blaming us for a system built on a deck stacked against us.

But as I said when I posted about The Fool, we live in a culture which encourages us to always chase the new beginning, the great adventure, the birth of a new self.  The unrelenting optimist doesn’t see danger or destruction.  The chaser of new journeys doesn’t stay in one place long enough to experience the reality of where they are.  Constant pursuit of a new self never allows the celebration of the old self.  And when we give in to the push to live in a world of sunny thoughts and constant movement away from reality and toward a bright new day, we buy into the notion that we are never good enough as we are and that the disappointing existence we know can only be escaped but never changed.

When we believe that, we give up our power.

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