A Feminist Tarot: Judgment

We all hold on too tight to things we ought to let go.  It’s one of those human commonalities which should make it easier to understand each other but rarely works that way.  And this card tells us to come to terms with those things and let them go.

It’s rarely logical, the things we cling to, and the way we judge our bodies is often among the most damaging of these, the most illogical, and very difficult to change.  Even when we make choices meant to break through bonds, we often find that the release is more difficult than we expect.



It’s so much easier to see strength and beauty and courage in others than it is in ourselves.  It’s easier to cheer on others who defy damaging norms and restrictive standards than it is to defy them ourselves.

It’s easier to see the harm in the expectations placed upon us than it is to face the possible repercussions for being the rebel who chooses to break them.

I knew immediately that I wanted to draw this card as a woman looking at herself in a mirror.  This card tells us to bring up our pasts, our burdens, the things we find difficult to face, and then process those things and let them go.  And for too many modern women, the beliefs which our culture has etched into our brains form the foundation for so much of what we should be releasing and moving on from.

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