The Little Things

Often when we see a problem in the world that we cannot solve ourselves, we distance ourselves from it instead.  It’s not a malicious act, just one we consider to be practical in some way.  Reasonable.

But for those immersed in the problem, are we even expected to solve it for them?  Is that what they’re asking for?  Why do we assume that we are expected to offer a solution at all?

Is it not okay to simply offer a bit of relief instead?

If someone has a terminal condition, the medical community doesn’t walk away entirely.  Though the condition cannot be cured, they can still help treat the symptoms.  And yet, with so many other types of problems, we dismiss this way of thinking.  If we cannot be brilliant enough, enlightened enough, knowledgeable enough to offer a definitive solution, many of us choose to simply walk away and hope that someone else can do what we cannot.

But what about the things we CAN do, even if they are small?

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