Back Online!

I took this offline in October to get some time to focus on a few projects, and I’m pleased to report that I’ve been really productive over those five months.  I sat down with my framily astrologer, Bryn Maycot, to compose 30 mantras and affirmations for each zodiac sign, and since New Year’s have been producing one coloring book per month.  I’ve also gotten all my Feminist Tarot sketches done and am making steady progress towards getting them all inked and colored.  And I make a tarot workbook – A Tarot Reader’s Resource Workbook – which will be in online bookstores soon.  I started regularly reading tarot cards at a local metaphysical store and now have a YouTube channel where I’ll be posting tarot videos on a regular basis.  I also finally built myself a meditation room at home.

So, I think it’s time to jump back into the blog!  Lots of thoughts have been bouncing around in my head, and it’s time to let them out.

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