Duality and Sexuality

I’m back again, ready to write blog posts again!  But rather than take this time to explain why I took such a long break, I’m just gonna jump right back in.

As I have posted before, I’m still working on my feminist tarot deck, and as time goes by I feel more and more resistant to this idea of gendered aspects in spiritual practice.  I resist them in live in general, but for this blog I want to just talk about spirituality.

Why isn’t it just duality?  Why do we have to speak in terms of gendered qualities?

Surely we can talk about pairs of opposites without assigning them to sexes.  Passive and active, for instance, are already a duality, and nothing is gained by associating them with male and female except to play into already understood cultural values and hierarchies.

Unfortunately, those hierarchies actually DETRACT from the understanding of these other dualities rather than add to them.

Of course, it will be argued that there is, then, the metaphorical “union” or “conception” which requires these dualities to be mapped onto the universally understood mechanisms of human reproduction.  But I would argue that our understanding of sexual union and, even, reproduction is no longer confined to heteronormative relationships, so why should we leave our spiritual vocabulary and understanding stuck in the past?  Are we that unimaginative that we can’t understand union or conception or fertility without tying it all up in heterosexual sexuality?  I would hope not, because along with such commitment to the gender binary and heteronormativity comes patriarchy and misogyny.

I, for one, don’t want either of those in my spiritual life.

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