Tarot as Life Coach

I’m a tarot reader on a professional level now (in the sense that I now do it to generate income rather than just doing it for friends) and though I’ve talked some about the tarot deck I’m working on I’ve not really talked about my approach to tarot.  At least not that I can remember.  And I don’t want to go digging through my blog.

My big spiritual “thing” is self-evolution.  It’s why I’m into alchemy, it’s why I do pretty much all the spiritual-type pursuits I do.  And tarot is a valuable tool in that process.  In fact, just learning the tarot is a good first step because the deck represents the entire spectrum of the human experience.  Every reader is going to find those cards which resonate strongly in their lives, cards which they dislike or dread, and a range of reactions in between.  Our reactions to the cards can be good indicators of where we need to work on ourselves.

All self-evolutionary pursuits start with an examination of self, and I find the tarot to be far more useful for such examination than for traditional divination.  I draw a daily card for myself, and rather than look at those cards as predictors of what will happen that day, I use them as indicators of how I should approach the day.  For instance, if I draw the Tower, rather than dread whatever bad thing might happen that day I take it as a sign that I should be especially focused on learning from mistakes and failures which might happen.

I use the cards to help me examine my thoughts, actions, and reactions, as that’s the key to self-evolution.  Becoming a more powerful, more effective version of myself means changing how I interact with the world, and that begins with being more intentional and aware of my own impulses and patterns.

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