Pen to Paper

I don’t talk about my coloring books here much, but it’s actually one of the things which takes up a lot of my time.  Turning out a 30-page coloring book each month is a challenge, to say the least.  But there’s something zen about drawing all those designs, and people do still really get intrigued by the whole thing.

So, what’s the process like?  Well, first, I have to have the phrases to illustrate.  When I did the one for activists, I wrote them all myself.  That’s kind of my jam.  But with the zodiac ones, I don’t have that kind of expertise.  Luckily, I’m related to someone who does!  So my sister, Bryn Maycot, helped me write the 30 mantras and affirmations for each sign.

Then it starts with pencil drawings.  I actually do a lot of my drawing work these days during Art Night at a local pub.  The organizer has a portion of the pub reserved on Wednesday nights so we can all bring whatever we’re working on – painting, drawing, jewelry, crafting, sculpture, whatever – and create in a social environment over beer and pub food.

Occasionally I look up fonts to get some inspiration if I feel like I’ve been drawing the same types of letters a lot, but many of the pages just grow organically once I start drawing letters.

Then each drawing gets inked and the pencil lines erased.

I draw much larger than the designs turn out to be when printed in the books, so my home scanner isn’t up to the job.  I scan at a local print shop, then open the scans in Photoshop and get them properly cropped and cleaned up.  This means going in and looking at each place where lines meet and make sure lines come to clean terminations.  I also remove stray lines and mistakes (they do happen).

The line drawings, then, get pulled into the Word document template and the rest happens just like any other self-publishing project.

So far I’m done with Pisces, Aries, and Taurus.  After the whole zodiac is done, I’m planning two more versions: one for Feminists and for Leaders.






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