Becoming Your Best Self

The difference between evolution and self-evolution is that, to some extent, you can shape and direct your self-evolution.  The whole point is that you don’t have to be or to become the person the forces around you would conspire to create on their own.  You can let your life experience make you what you are, or you can choose the life experience which makes you the person you want to be.

But what many people get wrong in the process, I think, is to start with an idea of who you want to be.  There’s no way to know at the beginning of an evolutionary journey what the end result can or should be.  That’s not how evolution works.  And that’s why I think tarot can be an excellent self-evolutionary tool.  It doesn’t picture the end.  It only pictures the process.

And that’s the value.  Instead of natural selection, self-evolution involves intentional selection.  When we come up against forces which press us to change, we get to make deliberate choices about that process.  The choices we make regarding how we deal with what the universe throws at us are the choices which determine who we become in the end.

Tarot can show us those choices.  It can remind us of the mindsets and attitudes we may need to stop choosing and point us towards healthier and more useful reactions.  It can make us think about the possibilities which stem from the choices we’re considering.  Rather than forge ahead on instinct, we can use tools like the tarot to force us to take our time and be intentional in our lives.



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