My First Tarot Altar

I teased in one of my tarot videos that I would start posting about this new thing I started with tarot altars, so here we go:

No surprise to anyone, I’m sure, but I like to find unique ways to use tarot in life besides just drawing cards to see what might be around the bend.  In fact, I’m thinking of eventually putting together some kind of book of lists or other program which takes each card and uses it as an inspiration for some enriching activity.

But back to topic:  altars.  I draw a daily card for myself, as I’ve mentioned, and sometimes I do full spreads for myself, but I thought it would be a good idea to draw a monthly card and, rather than just make a note of what it is and spare a few thoughts to its meaning here and there, to spend the month continually seeking and adding items to an altar centered on that card as a theme.  Long term meditation, really.  Purposeful maintenance of focus.  If there’s a part of my brain constantly on the lookout for what to add to my altar shelf for the month, then it’s also constantly thinking about what that card really means and how that relates to my life.

Of course, the first month didn’t bless me with a fun card to build an altar around.  Nope, I got the 4 of Pentacles.  But it’s exactly what I need to be focusing on at this juncture, and it meshes really well with the parameter I put on the project from its mental conception that I wouldn’t allow myself to spend more than $5 per month on new items for the altar.

You can find photos of what I’m adding to the altar on my Instagram, but what I’m on the lookout for in relation to the 4 of Pentacles are:

  1. Things which represent ways in which I can save money wisely
  2. Things which represent priorities in my life that I should materially invest in and not avoid spending on
  3. Things which are generally symbolic of growth, investment, and frugality

Things which should NOT be on the altar:

  1. Stuff which relates to “good luck” with money — the 4 of Pentacles isn’t about financial luck, it’s about good choices
  2. Stuff which relates to great prosperity or economic status — we’re not focused on getting rich, here, just on thinking about the best uses for our material resources

I am hoping that next month is a card that’s a little more… fun.



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