In the Dark Corners

The hardest part of trying to elevate yourself and your way of being is confronting those parts of yourself that don’t serve you, that hold you back.  Those parts which are the most in need of adjustment and examination are often the ones most painful to face, which is why people have a hard time becoming who they aspire to be.

Fortunately, there’s a really great way to get a hint about what those parts of ourselves are.  I can see it when I do tarot readings, both for myself and for others.  It’s those cards which come up that produce an immediate defensive reaction in the querent.  For most people, though they think the worst cards that can come up in a reading are things like the Tower or the Ten of Swords, they often have a much stronger negative reaction to cards which deal more with how they make decisions or which suggest a direction they’re reluctant to take.

That knowledge of those bits of ourselves which hold us back or lessen our power as an individual is already in our subconscious.  We already, deep down, know where to poke if we want to find the gooey, rotten bits within us that we usually try very hard to protect.  And a good tarot reading often pokes at those spots, because much of what drives us to seek answers and guidance comes from our instinctual understanding that we’re not headed in a good direction when we let those rotten bits determine our direction.  The solutions lie in making better decisions and dealing with those things we’d rather ignore.



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