Sample Tarot Spread: Seven of Pentacles, Knight of Swords, Judgment

See, I knew we’d hit a Major Arcana card eventually!

Past – Seven of Pentacles – Patience, waiting for the perfect time to reap the return on an investment

Present – Knight of Swords – Enthusiasm for debate and problem solving, the will to do what it takes to win

Future – Judgment – Coming to terms with the past, dealing with things so you can let them go

This one is a little more challenging to paint a coherent narrative with because the cards don’t immediately suggest one central issue.  It has much more to say about the querent’s attitude or outlook than it does about what is actually going on behind the scenes.

There’s an even more difficult challenge to interpret in that last card, since it gives us a future card that talks about dealing with the past.  What past is it referring to?  The only thing we can be sure of right off the bat is that, because all the cards are connected in one narrative, that Judgment card relates in some way to at least one of the other two cards.

What I also see here is a relationship between the first two cards, a juxtaposition which is a good jumping off point for the reading.  The Seven of Pentacles talks about patience and the Knight of Swords doesn’t paint the picture of someone willing to wait things out.  Some things in life are a fight or a battle, situations where constant effort improves the chances of success.  I imagine the Knight of Swords as a high school debater, prepared to argue their case no matter which position they’re assigned, focused on doing what it takes to succeed and win.  But the Seven of Pentacles is indicative of an entirely different type of situation, one where there is nothing you can do to ensure a better return except to wait things out and choose the right time to cash in.  There’s a conflict there, and clearly the present state of affairs is that the querent is ready to battle, eager to problem solve.  That probably means they’re not super keen on the idea of waiting any more.

Now, the reading isn’t clear about whether the situation indicated by the Seven of Pentacles is over or if the querent still needs to be waiting, but the push and pull between the two cards sets up an inner conflict between the querent’s nature and the external demands around them.

And thus, without any feedback from the querent clarifying the specifics of what the reading might be talking about, we can at least conjecture that the Judgment card is calling upon them to take a look at their reluctance to be patient, their driving need to solve the problems and win the day, and make peace with those underlying issues so they can move forward more effectively.  The Judgment card always means that there’s something that NEEDS to be let go of, whether the querent likes it or not.

This is one of those readings where a) it helps immensely if the querent is willing to divulge some additional details in order to get a more targeted reading and b) if the querent hoped for a concrete answer to a problem they’re probably going to be disappointed because there isn’t one.  It’s like when someone wants to know which of two options they should choose and you tell them to see a therapist to deal with their inability to make decisions.  It’s the right answer, but they might not see it as very helpful.  On the other hand, if they tell you why they’re having trouble deciding, you can talk through the reading with a bit more tact and probably with much more success.  That’s why I often like to hear from querents what they’re seeing in the reading, even if they wait until the end so as not to make it seem like I’m telling them what I think they want to hear.  So many details can’t be found in the cards themselves.

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