Month: June 2018


What We Seek

Spirituality is a journey.  Some of us may not have a definitive “Point B” we’re traveling to, but at any given point we’re at a “Point A” and our goal is to go somewhere else.  And it’s everything that happens between A and B which constitutes one’s spiritual life.  I think too many of us, in […]


The Sacred Spirit

In my alchemical pursuits, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the relationship of spirit and soul.  And I think it’s rather interesting to consider the ramifications of those spiritual traditions which focus so intently on the protection or persistence of the soul.  From the standpoint of someone who considers the careful transformation of the […]


What Do We Mean By “Balance”? – Part One

I saw a meme the other day which mentioned balance, and it occurred to me that “balance” is one of those words we use in spiritual and self-improvement circles without often knowing really what we mean by it.  It’s not as if it has one clear definition or application, right?  It’s a very general term, […]

Tarot Reading

Sample Tarot Spread: Seven of Wands, The Chariot, Seven of Cups

Another past/present/future reading to demonstrate how to construct a narrative in a reading.  This one has a lot of sevens.  Even the Chariot is number seven in the Major Arcana. Past – Seven of Wands – defending your position against challengers or opposition Present – The Chariot – Skillful leadership and direction to overcome obstacles […]

Tarot Reading

Crossing the Boundaries

I can’t think of any good process for improving yourself in any way which doesn’t involve stepping outside your comfort zone in some way, pushing yourself to do things which are uncomfortable or different.  If you want to change, you have to be willing to change.  If you want to learn to do more than […]


Spiritual Equality

In a world where so much of what we do and believe, how much of our organizational systems are set up, involves and relies upon the idea that men and women are inherently different in more than biology.  Even in cases where the prevalent patriarchy isn’t in charge, where women take the helm and define […]


Recognizing Goals

I’m a very goal-oriented person.  I always have something I’m working towards, usually more than one thing.  And I’m not known for setting small, reasonable goals, either.  I tend to go big. But one thing I’m really bad at (but have only recently realized) is recognizing when I’ve achieved a goal, especially a smaller one. […]


No Truth

The different types of spiritual paths can be divided up a lot of ways, but I think one of the most significant are those with a goal or result and those without.  Some paths promise some kind of reward for achieving something spiritually, either after death or in the form of enlightenment.  Some paths focus […]


Do We Really Fear Fear Itself?

I read something the other day which basically posited that the average human doesn’t actual fear failure or loss, we actually fear the emotional reactions to failure and loss.  I’ve long understood that a lot of my more destructive patterns of behavior stem from fear of failure, but maybe that really isn’t the case. Is […]