Sample Tarot Spread: Seven of Wands, The Chariot, Seven of Cups

Another past/present/future reading to demonstrate how to construct a narrative in a reading.  This one has a lot of sevens.  Even the Chariot is number seven in the Major Arcana.

Past – Seven of Wands – defending your position against challengers or opposition

Present – The Chariot – Skillful leadership and direction to overcome obstacles

Future – Seven of Cups – Searching for what you truly desire, indecision in the quest for happiness or fulfillment

The sevens are all about setbacks and struggles of different sorts, especially in relation to implementing the solutions embodied in the sixes.  And, interestingly enough, between two sevens representing obstacles and barriers, we have the Chariot which is all about overcoming obstacles through careful coordination and control of the forces of chaos or opposition.  So, let’s look closer at the pip cards to see what kind of obstacles or struggles we’re looking at.

The Seven of Wands indicates a situation where the roadblock to success are the efforts of others seeking their own success or seeking to stand in the way of yours.  Coming after the Six, where everyone was supportive of your success, this card indicates trouble in paradise.  You have opposition now.  It’s a power struggle more than anything, likely indicating a fight for a leadership position or a competition of some kind where winning means gaining power or influence in some way.  This, of course, is a situation where the Chariot card can represent a strategy for success.  Gaining a leadership position requires the ability to get opposing factions working towards the same goal.

The past involved a struggle against opposition in the work towards a goal, and now the querent is being called to step into some kind of leadership position and take the reins.  It’s the querent’s responsibility somehow to get everyone and everything moving in the same direction.

So, then, what’s the Seven of Cups?  It’s also a struggle, a problem standing in the way, but now it’s largely an internal struggle.  It’s an inability to decide on a course of action that will be fulfilling or satisfying emotionally.  It’s the picture of a person filled with ideas but struggling to pick a direction to leap in.

In the context of the rest of the reading, it would seem that, after facing opposition and overcoming it with strong leadership, the querent might struggle with the responsibility of choosing a direction in which to lead.  This often happens in situations where the leadership role was filled only after a contentious struggle.  Once the focus is no longer consumed with resolving the conflict, it can be hard to figure out how to move on.

If I were to give advice based on this reading, I would tell the querent to worry in the moment most about controlling the chariot and keeping a firm grip on the reins.  But they should also start thinking now about how they will handle that authority once they are in that position of leadership.  In other words, the struggle to bring everyone together towards a common goal can’t just focus on winning.  What are you winning for?  Why is winning important?

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