Tarot Altar: Four of Pentacles

So, I mentioned a couple of places last month that I’d started a new spiritual practice of drawing a tarot card and, throughout the month, building up an altar of sorts centered on that concept.  Of course, what I envisioned when I conceived the idea was a lovely, introspective, fun thing.

And then I drew the Four of Pentacles.

Appropriate and much needed in terms of personal growth and practice, but not so much fun.

Basically, I devoted the month to realigning my material priorities and being purposeful and restrained in my expenditures.  I didn’t set a budget or go into miserly cheapskate mode — that’s not what the card is about.  But what I did do is gather on my altar symbols of those things which are worthy investments and priorities in my life which I shouldn’t feel guilty for devoting material resources to:  my family, my health, my education, my career ambitions.  And for the month, I worked on not feeling unduly restricted or cautious about those investments.

After all, not all spending is bad.  We have to put in to get out, most of the time, and holding onto our resources too tightly prevents future growth.  I put symbols of growth (plants, packets of seeds, a bead and coin vine) on my altar as well.

Other than that, though, I adopted a no-spend policy for the month, and in conjunction placed things on my altar which symbolized saving (piggy bank, cut up credit cards, stuff people gave me during the month because gifts don’t require expenditure, etc).

Here’s some images of what I ended up with:







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