Life is Change

I think at least 75% of the people who come to me for tarot readings are really looking less for guidance than for peace of mind.  They want to know if they’re doing the right thing, if their perception of things is correct, if there is a light at the end of the tunnel they’re in.  It’s not that they don’t know what’s going on, they just don’t know if they’re reacting to it in the right way.

Those worries abound when you’re trying to create positive change in your life.  It often feels risky and unguided, just because of the nature of change.  You can’t remain comfortable and still change your being and your existence.  There will be unanswered questions and you have to take leaps without knowing what’s going to be there when you land.  So the very act of wondering if you’re on the right track, worrying about where changes are taking you, is a good indicator that you’re stepping (or being pushed) out of that comfort zone.

What you choose to do there determines, then, if you evolve or remain unchanged.

I don’t think I’ve ever done a reading where a querent was encouraged to resist change.  The narratives gleaned from the cards nearly always either direct the querent to stay the course, believe in their intuition and choices, and persist, or they encourage the querent to think about the possibilities and choose a different course forward.

But always forward.

And I think that’s because the tarot, as a holistic image of human existence, naturally and rightly depicts the human experience as one filled with change and choices.  To resist change is to resist nature.  Nature IS change.  So while there are cards which depict the modern human desire to go back, to stay put, to resist the march of time, those cards make up a small portion of the overall deck.  Placed in context in readings or encountered occasionally in a series of card pulls, that desire to remain constant is placed in its proper context as well as a desire we cannot allow to dominate our way of life if we are to live a full life.



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