Sample Spread: Ten of Cups, Strength, Ten of Pentacles

This spread looks all rainbows and puppies right from the start, right?

Let’s dig in.

Past – Ten of Cups – Abundance of emotional fulfillment, enough joy to share with others

Present – Strength – Patience required to tame wild forces, success through persistence and persuasion rather than force

Future – Ten of Pentacles – Abundance of wealth, enough material success to share and pass on

Everything’s just coming up roses here.  But I think it’s especially important in the overwhelmingly positive readings to dig in to the details and help the querent understand where all the good is coming from and where it might be leading them.

So let’s start with the two tens, which are about abundance.  The nines are completion, but the tens are pictures of what you reap after that completion.  So on the one hand we have abundant joy, which comes with a reminder that it’s difficult to be truly joyful and fulfilled if you’re alone.  Sharing your joy is a key to keeping it.  And on the other hand we have abundant wealth, which also comes with a reminder that you can’t take it with you.  It’s likely you didn’t get it without the help of others, and there’s nothing to be gained by keeping it all to yourself.

When you look at those two cards in relation to each other, as bookends to the developing narrative, it becomes a spread less about success than about community and cooperation, the relationships the querent has with the other people in their lives.

With cups in the past and pentacles in the future, we can expect this to be about converting happiness to wealth, turning what makes you happy into something profitable.  It’s likely the querent has found something that brings them joy, that fulfills them, and that they’re hoping to find a way to convert that into something that produces a material return.  And since we’re dealing with tens, we’re not talking about a hobby that pays for itself.  They’re trying to turn that passion into something that supports them financially.

And then, in the middle, we have Strength, a reminder that you can’t force things to happen for you.  The figure in strength doesn’t get the lion to do what she asks because she’s stronger or bigger or dominant, but because she has earned the lion’s respect and can therefore get its cooperation.  It’s not submission.  So in this reading narrative, the transition from abundant joy to abundant wealth can happen only if the querent does the relational work to get the cooperation of others, to earn respect.

Share the joy with others, get the cooperation of others, and eventually you will be able to share your wealth with others.  Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

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