Balance, Part Three

The other way I think many people tend to think of balance is in the sense of bookkeeping.  We seek to balance our karma or our energy the same way we balance our checkbook.  For what we put out, we must deposit more in, whatever spiritual resource we’re dealing with, and we want to be able to budget and track where it all goes.

If we’re energetically overdrawn, we want to know why.  We want to be able to replenish as quickly as possible.

But I think there’s something limiting about looking at our spiritual powers and energies as if they were currency.  In the same way that, when you watch every penny of your money, it’s easy to lose sight of the things which can be accomplished with your money, if you tightly control every bit of energy going in or out like it’s a commodity to conserve, you can easily lose sight of what that energy can do.

We don’t get spiritually rich just by making sure we don’t put anything of ourselves out without a guarantee of getting the same amount back.  While it’s absolutely true that we have to care for ourselves and not expend all we have without thought to ourselves.  But it’s more about having a purpose for what you do, not about being energetically cheap.

When we say we want to achieve balance in life in this sense, what we really want is to to feel in control of how and why we use our energies and talents.  We don’t want to feel like all of who we are is owed to or demanded by others, but that doesn’t mean that the solution is to give others only what they can repay us.

The banker doesn’t get to fully enjoy the potential of the money they hold.



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