Choose Your Own Adventure

Stories are powerful things.  When we tell stories about ourselves, the process of crafting the tale (even if it’s true) is actually a process of making small adjustments to the person we aspire to be.  We get to paint our own portrait, and we get to smooth over some parts and embellish others to suit the image we want to portray.

This is where part of the power of tarot lies.  When we get a reading, what we get is a story about our life.  It’s a picture of us, our experience, in a specific context.

And we then get to decide if that’s the kind of story we want to live or not.

If we don’t like the story it’s telling about us, we can make choices to change it.  If we like it, we can make choices to ensure that the story comes to life for us.  Each reading is a chance to take a look at the narrative we’re living and make adjustments in the direction it takes.



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