Sample Spread: Six of Cups, Four of Pentacles, The World

Past – Six of Cups – Comfortable nostalgia, fond memories, especially those we share with others

Present – Four of Pentacles – Saving or holding onto accumulated wealth, not spending but not investing either

Future – The World – Ending one cycle which begins the next, achieving a goal which puts you at the beginning of a new pursuit

So, right off the bat, seeing the World card in the future position seems pretty auspicious.  No matter where you see it turn up, it means that a cycle ended on a positive note which sets up the next adventure.

But how does the querent get to that point?  What’s the bigger message here?

There’s no clear link between the Four of Pentacles and the World.  Without help from the querent, there are no obvious clues as to what kind of cycle the World card is talking about.  Either the idea of saving or being very careful about how they spend and invest resources is key to achieving the goal or is a concern of theirs at the moment (in relation to whatever the World indicates).  But there’s very little there to go on.

So we go back to the Six of Cups.  Whatever cycle is ending in the future, the roots of it lie not just in the past but in a nostalgic view of the past.  Either the querent is trying to recapture something from the past, to do something which relates to their own history or hearkens back to a time they remember fondly, or the idea which started the whole pursuit came from the past in some sense.  This card, then, has a clearer relationship to the World.  The World is all about moving on and up, the past becoming a foundation for the future.

In that sense, this reading is probably telling the querent that they are going to have to start thinking of the future more than the past, that they must be prepared to let go and move forward.

Interestingly enough, the Four of Pentacles can also talk about letting go.  Saving is good, but investment also has to be made in order to grow wealth.  The Four of Pentacles does point to an accumulation of resources, but not the ultimate goal.  It says that the querent has made some profit, but that they have to continue to invest and spend wisely to keep things growing.

They have to let go of some of what they’ve earned in order to get more.

So, really, all the cards do relate to each other.  The World promises a happy ending and a new beginning, but only if the querent allows themselves to let go, to move forward, to put more in so they can get more back.

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