How To Make Things Better

I talked last time about applying the seven operations of alchemy to the process of transforming anything – selves, businesses, relationships, whatever.  And while it sounds really cool to put it in alchemical terms, I think putting it in mundane terms is probably more useful.

So what’s the roadmap to transformation?

  1. Be willing to let go of anything which doesn’t serve the new purpose.
  2. Whatever changes the new state of existence brings, go with the flow.
  3. Gather and keep any old bits that still work.
  4. Take what works, add in any necessary new parts, and use it all to create the best new thing you can make
  5. Give it life.  Feed it.  Fuel it.  Nurture it.
  6. Grease the squeaky wheels.  Delete unnecessary apps.  Optimize everything.
  7. Incorporate the result fully into your existence. 


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