Sample Spread: Reversed Sun, Reversed Queen of Wands, Seven of Wands

We’re gonna start throwing in reversed cards now that we’ve had some practice without.

Past – Reversed Sun – Letting the inner child control the inner adult, reluctance to take responsibility

Present – Reversed Queen of Wands – Misuse of charisma and influence, leading by ego

Future – Seven of Wands – Defending your work, facing opposition in reaching a goal

Wow.  On the face of it, pretty bleak.  But that means there’s good lessons and important messages in here.

Like I probably mentioned in a previous sample spread, I like to start by looking at the major arcana cards, since they tend to pack a lot of meaning into a spread.  In this case, the Reversed Sun becomes foundational, informing everything that comes after it.  It tells us that whatever situation is at hand, what sets it up is a past reluctance to act as the responsible adult.  Our inner children are often hopeless optimists and are great at avoiding reality, but following their lead makes us feel good.  Especially when reality isn’t so fun.  So I would tell the querent right off the bat that whatever is going on now starts with that.

The Reversed Queen of Wands in the present, then, almost certainly indicates the querent themselves, as it’s easy to see the link between running away from reality and becoming a leader who’s self-centered and still not really linked up to the real world.  I think of the Reversed Queen of Wands as something of a cult leader, more concerned with using people than leading them.

Which, then, feeds right into the future card.

Sometimes these narratives really write themselves.

What happens when you take someone who doesn’t want to face reality, put them in a leadership position where they want followers to do their bidding, and then try to get them to accomplish something?

You get opposition.

And that’s what the Seven of Wands is all about.  You’re fending off challengers, trying to stay on top.  People don’t just disagree with you, they want to knock you off the hill.

So what would my advice be to the querent in this case?  Check yourself.  Check your ego.  If you don’t want to be the crazy cult leader whose followers are considering poisoning your dinner, it’s time to step back and put the inner child back in its place.  Time to grow up and become a responsible leader.



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