What Lies Outside

The biggest struggle on the way to creating gender equality is not finding the ideal way of defining gendered existence for women, but finding ways to change the views and actions of men.  And this is no less true in spiritual contexts.  We can lift women up as goddesses and priestesses all we want, but unless the patriarchal systems change or are diminished in influence, real success will be impossible to achieve.

It’s easy to think that it doesn’t matter what goes on outside the circles we build and carefully maintain, but because spirituality plays a significant role in shaping culture in general, we can’t really afford to hide away in femme-friendly spiritual enclaves and call it good for the day.  That can make us stronger, give us the fortitude and resources to better endure and cope with what lies outside, but it will never change it.

Unless we take that power that our spirituality gives us and use it to confront and change what’s around us.



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