Learning From Imagined Mistakes

Self-evolution doesn’t always mean big transformations.  We all aspire to these kinds of processes, wanting to change bad habits or be better at certain things.  It’s that stuff that makes up the process of self-evolution.  In fact, that’s the whole thing.  Self-improvements which build upon each other.

What I often see in tarot readings is that querents really know what their weaknesses are, that they’re already very aware of the behaviors and patterns in their lives which might be ripe for positive change.  The good thing about confronting this stuff in a reading, though, is that you don’t have to necessarily experience the negative fallout from detrimental behaviors to learn the lesson.  A tarot reading can show you these things, make you think about the consequences of not taking control of your own evolution and development, and (if you’re not stubborn) allow you to learn from mistakes before you make them.



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