Sample Spread: Four of Cups, Reversed Two of Cups, Reversed Seven of Wands

On our last sample spread we had the seven of wands in the future position, and now we have it reversed.  Let’s see how that changes things…

Past – Four of Cups – Boredom, stagnation, lack of satisfaction with things that used to bring joy

Present – Reversed Two of Cups – Unrequited love, unreturned feelings

Future – Reversed Seven of Wands – Losing ground to the opposition, struggling to defend your position

I find that the reversed cards don’t change the meaning of the card as much as the tone.  In the case of the Reversed Seven of Wands, it still talks about the same kind of struggle, but now it’s one where you’re placed at a disadvantage.  The querent here is looking at a situation which places them at risk of losing.

So, what’s the situation?  It seems to begin with boredom and dissatisfaction, which are prime candidates to set up bad decision making.  I like to describe the Four of Cups like this:  You know when someone tells you a joke, and it’s really funny? If they keep telling you that same joke every time they see you, it stops being funny after a while.  You stop enjoying it the way you did the first time.  The joke itself hasn’t changed, but it’s not always going to bring you the same joy it did at the beginning.  The Four of Cups paints that kind of picture.  You’re getting plenty of something that used to be really great, but you’re kind of over it.

When you pair this with the Reversed Two of Cups in the present, it’s easy to see the progression.  The querent has become bored and disillusioned, and something has come along that they think is the answer.  Their next great love.  The thing which will bring them the joy they feel they’ve lost.  Only this card is reversed, so whatever they’re attracted to just isn’t attracted back.  The fit is wrong, the timing is wrong, something is wrong.

And with that Reversed Seven of Wands waiting in the future spot, it’s clear that if they keep pursuing this shiny new thing they’ll end up worse off than they are now.  Why trade boredom for defeat?



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