Breaking the Duality

In what ways do we encourage men to take up the roles usually reserved for women?  Especially those which are held up as feminine “ideals”?

It’s an important question, because the problem of gender inequality is not just that women are given less power.  It’s an equally large (or maybe larger) problem that men are discouraged from the behaviors and roles associated with women.  Women talk about how to balance traditional female roles and the lives they aspire to have, while men talk about how to be better in their traditional male roles and maybe give the women a hand.

We need to create a world where men also feel welcomed into the full range of roles and behaviors.

When we talk about gods and goddesses, priests and priestesses, we are better at working to lift women into god-like, priest-like roles than we are at encouraging men to embrace a more goddess-like, priestess-like role.



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