Now and Later

Sometimes the person we think we want to be isn’t someone we are able to become.  It’s easier to paint an idealistic picture in your head of who you could be if only you “fixed” certain things about yourself or your life.  The problem with that is we often aren’t good at seeing what actually would happen if those “broken” things were “fixed”.  The outcome is likely not what we envision.

One of the hardest things to discuss with people who don’t believe in evolution in a scientific sense is the fact that there is no purpose or end goal to evolutionary processes.  Nothing in the universe decides that the earth needs fuzzy, long eared animals who reproduce prolifically, and then conspires to evolve bunnies.  It just happens over the course of time because of small changes, small events, small shifts in the environment.

If there was a force watching evolution happen, they’d be as surprised at what comes out as anyone.

The same goes for self-evolution.  We get to direct things, but it still doesn’t work to decide what you need to become and work towards it.  Why not?  Because by envisioning the ideal you, you’re envisioning the ideal for the moment you’re in.  Even if you do manage to achieve that goal, the environment will have changed.  The world is different today than it was yesterday, and it will be different still tomorrow.  Who knows what the ideal you for the future will be?

I guarantee you don’t.  Neither do I.

Instead, self-evolution is the process of being the best versions of ourselves we can be right now.  Adapt to what is around us right now.

Conveniently, tarot is a snapshot of now, and a glimpse into a potential future.  It’s all about the choices you make now, not the ideal you have in mind for later.



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