I’m attracted to spagyrics primarily because it stems from the idea that alchemy should be more than an internal, personal pursuit.  We should be using it to help others as well.  Enlighten and evolve, yes, but also heal.

And what I have concluded from these workings is that we should be seeking to develop ourselves into medicinal substances for the world as much as herbal tinctures are for the individual.  We don’t make tinctures and elixirs just to prove we can (or, at least, we shouldn’t, or you’re missing the point).  Neither should we transform ourselves for selfish purposes.

Each herb has an application, a use, when it is elevated and recombined through spagyric processes.  So, to, do we have a use to which we can be put in the world once we are elevated thorough similar processes.

What kind of impact, then, will you have in the world when your processes are done?



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