Win Win?

I talk to people a lot about how I don’t really consider the tarot to be a predictive tool.  It doesn’t talk about what WILL happen, it just paints the picture of what COULD happen.

And yet I still do yes/no readings, which 90% of the time seems to be a predictive answer.  Why?

Most of us have a very difficult time facing the potential for future failure.  We don’t like and, often, actively avoid thinking too much about possible outcomes we hope don’t come to pass.  Yet, many people ask the cards predictive questions because they subconsciously acknowledge the potential that they won’t get the outcome they want while they consciously reach out for reassurance.

That means the yes/no predictive spread does one of two things, regardless of whether the prediction comes true:  either they lay the querent’s mind to rest a big and stop the conscious obsession with avoiding disappointment or failure, or they dig up out of the subconscious and bring those fears to the front of the querent’s mind so they can think through that scenario and prepare themselves.

Either result is good when you consider that worry and anxiety, whether conscious or subconscious, does absolutely nothing to change the outcome.  Unless you take those feelings and turn them into action, they don’t help.  So they need to either be channeled productively or dismissed.



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