Sample Spread: Two of Cups, Reversed Moon, Reversed Hermit

Past – Two of Cups – The “First Date” Card, discovering a mutual attraction with someone or something

Present – Reversed Moon – Madness masquerading as genius, losing touch with reality

Future – Reversed Hermit – Obsessed with your inner darkness, reluctant to connect with outside reality

If the past card is the “first date” card, we can see right off the bat that the resulting relationship goes bad.  There’s not much in the spread to tell us what the other party in the relationship is – whether it’s a person or something else – but the spark was mutual.  There was a good fit.

But that doesn’t guarantee that the relationship is a good idea, and in this case looks like it’s having a negative emotional or psychological effect on the querent.  They probably don’t see it this way, though, which makes this a really difficult type of reading to convey.  They likely feel really great about where they’re at, like they’ve found the perfect way to fill some kind of void in their life, so telling them that what they’re feeling may be an illusion might not be well-received.

However, the caution of this reading is that, uncorrected, this detachment from reality is going to lead to a future where the querent is so disconnected that they fear reconnecting.  That’s a really difficult state to get out of.

Ultimately, this reading becomes not just a narrative with a lesson, but a cautionary tale.  It’s a warning to the querent to change the course while they still have time.

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